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Paid In Circles
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Our NEW Advertising Innovation Is The Best Ever for Monetizing Your Ads Like Crazy!

The new Paid In Circles Advertising Program IS just what everyone's looking for now because of the financial instability everywhere in the world. Built with an extremely low price to suit today's economy, this will be 'too easy' to so many people around the world. Paid In Circles  is the 'answer to prayers' for many people... Let the fun begin and the money roll in!



We have the Best Home Business Ever
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This idea may cause some loss of sleep for you.
It's the most innovative and monetized ad site in the world!

The Advertising Industry Is THE Most Profitable Industry On The Net! Check out this chart showing where billions are spent in advertising!

Finance & Insurance $4 Billions
Retailers & General Merchandise $2.8 Billions
Travel & Tourism $2.4 Billions
Jobs & Education $2.2 Billions
Home & Garden $2.1 Billions
Computers & Consumer Electronics $2 Billions
Vehicles $2 Billions
Internet $ Telecom $2 Billions
Business $ Industrial $1.6 Billions
Occasions & Gifts $1.2 Billions

Billions of dollars are spend yearly in the advertising industry! Every year it's growing because of competition. Businesses Spend TONS of MONEY on Advertising Yearly!

Global advertising revenue from 2008 to 2016 (in billion U.S. dollars)
This timeline presents the total global advertising revenues from 2008 to 2016. In 2014 the total global advertising revenue amounted to 581.01 billion U.S. dollars! Imagine what you can do with our program! Let the fun begin and the money roll in!

As You Can See, The Advertising Industry IS Dominating!

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Get just 2  People, Restaurants, Bars, Car Washes, Construction etc ...) to advertise with you! Charge them, for example $20 (or whatever amount you believe your services are worth), for their advertisement. You can do this over and over and make lots of "extra money"!

You see, there are lots of ways to make money with Paid In Circles!

Let the fun begin and the money roll in!

This is Important:
Take the 2-in2 Challenge Very Seriously!
Get 2 people signed up in just 2 days!
Okay, sign two up within two days...
Then encourage them to do that same.
(This Challenge will also be on their site for extra encouragement!)

IF they can get 2 signed up in 2 day, AND, IF they can do that
same and those new ones can do that same, etc, then
what will happen is that you will fill a level of your

Paid In Circles every two days! Wow! At that rate,
your Matrix would fill entirely, theoretically,
in only 28 days! AND, you would be
matching 2 other people with a
full matrix by day  5 AND
Residual Income
Weekly for

How "close" to that can YOU get? Can you do HALF of that?
How about 20% or even 10%?

Ten percent would be about $1,965.90 / Monthly! What about 50% or even 20% (which is over $393.00 per month!)?

What? ...Just two percent? Surely you can do that, right? How about 5 or 10 percent?
That will help pay bills, right? Let the fun begin and the money roll in!

Manage your clients and create ads for them & publish on our networks!

Add  BANNERS or TEXT ADS which makes your ad business better than ever.

Offer your clients coupon advertising and mange them in your back office!

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If You Remember Penny Matrix Or GoBig7, You Know That Many People Made A Lot Of Money! The Pay Plan Is Better Than Penny Matrix And The Best Part Is That This Is So New That We Will Be At The Top Of Your Matrix, And, Unlike The Penny Matrix, Advertising IS A Sensational Product Versus E-Books!

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The Long Term!

What if I told you that today you walked past $27 in nickels, dimes and quarters that you didn’t notice. 

Odds are, that if you walked to work. That actually happened according to a recent analysis.
Now, that means that if you picked up every coin you ever missed out on in the past 30 years.... you would have an extra $295,887 dollars by now!
If EVERYONE in your extended family was doing it to you would have 2.9 million dollars!
Now, I don’t recommend you spend all day looking for coins. 
But I do recommend you learn something from that Money is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes. 
And I was shocked when I realized how much money was right under my nose.
But that’s not all. It showed me exactly how to pick it all up.
I sincerely believe if we all did what is says in that movie...we would live in a world with zero money problems. 
In other words. 
Empowering lives one life changing thought at a time,

Long Term Residual Income...WITHOUT Any Real Labor!

Once you have decided to join the team, then follow the instructions
AND email David Sherman for a copy of this site.

David M Sherman, PhD
Clinical Christian Counselor
Internet Business Consultant
(586)336-4165  9 - 7 ET

Free Marketing/Support Site:


How To Create A Monthly Residual Income, Within Hours Online, Working ONLY 1-2 Hours A Day GIVING AWAY $7!

This is all about building a network marketing business online like it is supposed to be done.

There are a few problems online when it comes to building a network marketing business...

1) Everyone says they want to be 'Rich'. They say they do, but I have seen very little of this actually happen. Why? Most systems are too complex so we've kept this 'Simple'.

2) Everyone simply needs to look out for 'Self' and thus decide to help 'Everyone Succeed' before they even start.

I am not a network marketing 'Guru'. I did not get an award for being a top recruiter and a leader. I know for a fact my downline is doing well. I am making a lot of bonuses.

This is the whole point of Paid In Circles Team and why we will never get a leadership award?

Without people working together towards a common goal, network marketing becomes a JOKE and most people will never achieve the residual income, 'WE ALL NEED' as mentioned in the headline above.

UNFORTUNATELY: There are always slackers on a team who will not work with you, and FOR you. This is 'TRUE' but the 'FIX' is easier than you think.

You don't have to put in 16 hours per day online to make money, nor do you have to work alone. However, you will need to join an advertising co-op or buy your downline to succeed.

In fact, if everyone just does their small part, you only need to spend ONE or TWO Hours a day or less to achieve the level of income mentioned above!

NOTE:-) I am going to show you how it is done later.

But first, we need to go over what the business platform is that we are building as a team. You need to understand the reason and see the products to appreciate 'what' we have and 'how much' can be made as a result of building your team and distribution network.

The Unorthodox Business Pitch... Paid In Circles! BooYaah!!!  Well, If You Think Deep, It's A Lot Like Buying A 'Whole Life Insurance Policy'

Cash values are an integral part of a whole life policy, and reflect the reserves necessary to assure payment of the guaranteed death benefit. Thus, "cash surrender" (and "loan") values arise from the policyholder's rights to quit the contract and reclaim a share of the reserve fund attributable to his policy. Although, we never intend to quit the Paid In Circles business model, since it just keeps growing in value, I wanted to make a correlation to its growth monetarily with a product many people can relate to.

Although life insurance is often sold with a view toward the "living benefits" (accumulated cash and dividend values), this feature is a byproduct of the level premium nature of the contract. The original intent was not to "sugar coat" the product; rather it is a necessary part of the design. However, prospective purchasers are often more motivated by the thought of being able to "count my money in the future." Policies purchased at younger ages will usually have guaranteed cash values greater than the sum of all premiums paid after a number of years. Sales tactics frequently appeal to this self-interest (sometimes called "the greed motive"). It is a reflection of human behavior that people are often more willing to talk about money for their own future than to discuss provisions for the family in case of premature death (the "fear motive"). On the other hand, many policies purchased due to selfish motives will become vital family resources later in a time of need.

SO... it may sound nutz but if you just hang in there you'll reap enough in time to pay the $7 a month, the cost of Paid In Circles marketing service, and go into profits forever.  Its a great investment... plus you get great advertising for whatever else you are advertising or promoting on the net. Isn't it time you picked a winner right from the start.

'How Would YOU Like To Be Able To Make A Potential $500 Per Month
For Every Person That Joins Your Business'


The business our group has chosen to align ourselves with is Paid In Circles.

We want you to be knowledgeable about our team, what we do, and why we have aligned with Paid In Circles instead of the thousands of other business opportunities out there.

Thus, we have done more than just put together a few words of hype and emotion to get you to join us. We have prepared a full report for you to learn and understand why 97% fail in a home business.

This is a serious business for people who are tired of all the Mickey Mouse games being played online.

Forget the money games and poor paying programs.

This is not a 'program' but a business.

This is something you can build, live off of for the rest of your life, and then leave to your family as a legacy.

If you have not had success online yet PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen to what we have to say and follow our directions.

Don't cut corners and speed through this report or any of it's contents.

Do things differently this time and your results will be different.


Your results will be Financial Freedom.

Once you have read the entire document you will have a perfect grasp on why we chose the business we did.

Next, you need to review the compensation plan, keeping in mind all along that you only need to give this away to 2 or more people who partner with you in this business to generate a $500- $1k per month residual income realistically within six months.

And don't forget you are going to get those 2 people by simply marketing a couple hours or perhaps the first day!

Knowing that your success with the compensation plan is virtually guaranteed, please read the compensation plan.  

It is **VERY IMPORTANT** you envision how fast your life could change sharing the
Paid In Circles Team Build' by watching the videos on compensation with Paid In Circles.

Next - Review the Paid In Circles PIF Team Build Vision


All YOU ever have to do is just Pay-It-Forward for 2
OR Recruit Two AND Teach Them To Do The Same!


STEP 1 - You pay-it-forward for 2 Paid In Circles members to build your residual income and teach them to do the same. From there you never have to promote again if you don't want to.

What do we mean pay-it-forward?

When someone joins your
Paid In Circles team, they will need to pay $7 initial payment to join and automatically create a $7 membership subscription paid our of profits. After they join by making this payment they will send you an email letting you know that they joined through the 'Paid In Circles Team Build'.  Then all you do is Pay It Forward for them OR send them the $7 back! - This one simple concept aligned with our system will change your financial future.

*All you need to do is have 2 people accept and join you by getting started for $7 up front and Pay-It-Forward for two members... and if you want you will never have to promote this again... the odds are good more than 2 will join you for free but that's all you need to create a $500 - $1k/mo. residual income in 6 months (usually much less).


2 (Pay-It-Forward) = Residual Income

Starting in Step 2 Your Team Will Take Over marketing their
Paid In Circles Team Build sites and Giving Away their 2 Paid In Circles memberships, and all the money YOU receive in the future will be from their efforts!

Every person GIVES AWAY 2
Paid In Circles memberships to get their 2 and in doing so 2 more people from each enter your payline.  That means you are leveraging new members directly connected to you every month in multiples of 2 squared. From this simple action of each person paying-it-forward Paid In Circles memberships will double every single month possibly even faster.

Follow along the this thought process and think how FAST your income will grow from the efforts of your team.

It makes it more exciting when you KNOW that
the money is going to eventually be yours.

Our Pay-It-Forward Team Makes the Dream Work!

So now you know what the business is and what the products are and why we are poised for tremendous growth as a group.

But none of that matters without a super efficient marketing system in place to present the opportunity.

How are YOU going to get your 2 business partners so you can enjoy the life of your dreams with
Paid In Circles?

That is the exciting part. That is what is really going to blow your mind...

Keep reading to find out more about the team marketing plan after you get a deeper understand of the...

The Compensation Plan

The compensation model will show you how you can receive real time commission updates directly to your own personal account with Paid In Circles.

The site explains in detail how this works and what your potential income can be in a very short period of time  participating in the
Paid In Circles business model and using the 'Paid In Circles PIF Team Build' to increase your return all while helping you and helping others to create more success and prosperity.

The site will show you the dynamics of the
Paid In Circles compensation plan and how leverage will increase your profit potential.  When you introduce this with the 'Paid In Circles PIF Team Build' your income will explode.

The synergy of the '
Paid In Circles PIF Team Build' can propel you to income levels very few have dreamed could be a reality.

Watch and learn and understand the fundamental compensation plan of
Paid In Circles and then you will see how the 'Paid In Circles PIF Team Build' concept will catapult you into a whole new tax bracket very quickly and with very little effort of your own.

Now that you understand the basic dynamic of the Paid In Circles compensation plan get ready to be Blown Away by how simple it will be for you start generating a very lucrative residual income by  simply sharing our wealth formula.

The Paid In Circles PIF Team Build' takes away two of the biggest hurdles faced by most home business marketers.

Number one 'how to market' and two 'how to get people to join their business' without breaking the bank to get started.

Instead of struggling to market a program with a large up front fee that most will avoid paying because they believe from past experience they will only be throwing money away as they have never gotten anyone to join them in any other program before. You offer a simple solution...

Allow them to 'Get Started for FREE'.

'Yes', you must be serious enough to enter the program with your $7 payment but when you join 'Paid In Circles PIF Team Build' you will get that $7 back.  Plus you get to plug in to our system and share this principle with others.

Allowing you to enroll your two or more people almost effortlessly.

The problem most people face when promoting a program that can produce residual income is that the majority do not duplicate and enroll others into the program.  

Because of this they quit and your residual income dries up.  If you were lucky enough for it to exist at all.

But not with '
Paid In Circles Team Build'!  Once you refer two people into Paid In Circles you can sit back and allow those who follow you to do the promoting. (Market 1 - 2 hours a day till they get their two or more)

Since they are not pushing a sale up front people just like you will take a real hard look and realize that they can do this.  From there the money will come.

With no money out in the beginning once your monthly is covered that's thirty solid days to simply give this away.

The rest that occurs are the blessings from participating with our wealth formula.

The 'Paid In Circles PIF Team Build' helps people realize that you can do this and that you can change your life financially just by giving away two memberships into Paid In Circles.

As we like to say help two people change their lives forever and your life will be changed forever.

By helping others succeed you will create more prosperity in your life.

Would you like to be known as someone who helped thousands of people change their lives financially?  This can start right now.  

Watch the video below right now to learn how the '
Paid In Circles Team Build' can start helping you help others create real prosperity in their lives and by doing so will create massive prosperity in yours.

Pay-It-Forward Changes the Dynamic

And It Will Change Your Life Financially

Well, is there any more really left to say?

Are you ready to empower yourself and help two other people change their financial futures simply by giving away our wealth formula?

The vision is grand and the process is the most simple ever. Nothing could be easier.  

If you stopped there with just 2 members you could be making $500/mo. in 6 months and usually much less... and that's assuming you never marketed again!  That's based on people taking 2 days to get just 2 members.  It happened here in only 1 day for many people.

Continuing, your future awaits and 'Paid In Circles PIF Team Build' is here to help create it with you.

If you have not had success online yet PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen to what we have to say and follow our directions.

Only those that take action can expect anything to happen.  Actually that's not true.  If you don't take any action today and join Paid In Circles and the 'Paid In Circles PIF Team Build' something will happen.

You will never see any of the profits and residual income shared in this report if you choke.  Considering you have almost no risk whatsoever.  It would be a real shame for you to miss out on the experience of receiving residual income instantly and directly into your account month after month.

Can you afford not to try?  In my experience amazing things happen to you when you let the universe know you are open and ready to receive all of it's blessings.

Open yourself today, take control, and create the financial lifestyle you have always dreamed of having in your life.

You are only a few steps away from opening the door to receiving so much more that life has to offer.

Continue so you don't miss another twist generating even more $$

The Paid In Circles PIF Team Build Marketing Concept...

You may be familiar with that T.E.A.M. acronym, but if not, it is supposed to stand for...


Here at
Paid In Circles Team Build, the leaders live that acronym and created a 'Simple' way for everyone to participate in everyone else's success. It is what makes us different.

If you remember the title of this report it was:

How To Create A Monthly Residual Income, Within Hours Online,
Working ONLY 1-2 Hours Per Day, By GIVING AWAY $7 Bills!


You have already seen how the money is earned so that takes care of the money issue...

Now we need to explain how you are going to build your Paid In Circles downline, and do it in around 1-2 hours per day, just by giving away Paid In Circles!

How in the world can that be accomplished?

When YOU promote the TEAM
and the TEAM promotes YOU.


Let me explain...

Our T.E.A.M. Marketing Concept uses the 'pay-it-forward' method to get you your initial first 2 Paid In Circles recruits.

That means that every member in our team ONLY promotes until they have their two paying Paid In Circles members.  Once you have those two, on your frontline, fully activating you and qualifying you to sit back and let those members promote until they have their two!

Once you have your two, you graduate, and the team mass advertises until they have their two.  Each of those members will help those new members who will do the same for their new members.

This goes on indefinitely, qualifying each new member in our team in the order that they joined, while those who graduate continue to have their downlines built to infinity according to this same concept.

Every new member builds for you, and your income continues to grow long after you have graduated from referring your initial two members by giving away this wealth formula!

Does that make sense?

This is the exact opposite experience of most in the network marketing industry, but is the result you get when people work together and dedicate themselves to each others success.

See? Together Everyone DOES Achieve More! There is no 'I' in TEAM!

We only have two requirements you must meet to get your downline built for you.

1) You must make the initial $7 payment in Paid In Circles to start, send your sponsor an email with your transaction receipt and a message you are a part of 'Paid In Circles PIF Team Build' and your $7 will be reimbursed back to you and set up the $7 monthly subscription from profits (this is done automatically).

2) You must send a minimum of 1400 visitors to your Paid In Circles Team Build system per week. (That is 200 per day.) Until you have referred 2 members. This may only take minutes.

If you don't start now, your position will go to the next active person... this will not be a problem of course if you are actually using this system.   The very first people you refer guarantees your subscription is covered, ie. no out of pocket expense.

We recommend you drive the 200 hits per day (1400 per week recommended) with Traffic Exchanges as it is the easiest way to do it.

You can do this with Traffic Exchanges in about 1-2 hours.

Doesn't seem like much time does it? How can we possibly grow and help everyone if we are all only giving 1-2 hours of promotion time to the team?


Because of our collective advertising, the bigger we get the faster we grow!

The more people we bring on the faster we move new members from promoting to simply enjoying the blessings of the Paid In Circles Team Build. We use our growth to compound and work in our favor!

How To Apply For Membership...

As we mentioned before, we take our team and business building very seriously. If you wish to become a member we expect the following from you:

1) You must make an initial $7 payment into
Paid In Circles to start, and Paid In Circles sets up  subscription - this is automatic when you join.  (*remember your $7 payment will be reimbursed back to you, so you get started for FREE) **if you are already a member of Paid In Circles, you will need to create a new account here through Paid In Circles and use a different email address.

2) You must spend a minimum of  30 minutes a day or more, six days per week. (That is very low considering the reward.) Everyone needs to do this until you have referred 2 people into
Paid In Circles.

3) You must maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity and understand that we are working as a team. This is NOT about YOU, but about the entire team and what we accomplish together.  If you use this system you MUST reimburse every $7 payment requested.

If you are ready to abide by these three simple rules and qualifications of membership then your next step is to join
Paid In Circles through the link provided below.

**Once you join Paid In Circles email your sponsor 'I just joined Paid In Circles PIF Team Build'.  Include a copy of your payment transaction receipt and your Paid In Circles username to be reimbursed or request a copy of this site with your PIC url embedded into the report.  

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for reimbursement as our participants are real people just like you with families and daily activities outside of '
Paid In Circles'.  You will find your sponsor's email address in your Paid In Circles Welcome Message of back office.)

>> Join
Paid In Circles - Click Here <<

Now all that is left is to get your own personal Paid In Circles PIF Team Build system.  This is the EXACT same website and report you just came through except with your personal Paid In Circles link. This will be $7 setup for you. (setup instructions below)

SPECIAL NOTE: All you have to do is pay-it-forward just 2 memberships to Paid In Circles to change your financial future forever surfing just 1-2 hours a day (you will be shown how)... however maintaining your Paid In Circles PIF Team Build system means you will be able to continue to share the wealth with others for as long as you choose.  And once you implement our *BONUS* video marketing strategy people will continue to join you 24/7 as your videos remain online and available indefinitely (the videos will be provided to you).  The Paid In Circles PIF Team Build system is your gateway to creating the future of your dreams.

Quick Recap:
>> Join Paid In Circles <<

Think of this as an application fee that you get paid back.  That means you get started for FREE.

2. Get your 'Paid In Circles PIF Team Build System (below) You can do this 'FREE' today.  Everything is set up for you all you have to do is....

3. Market 1-2 hours a day and pay-it-forward just 2 memberships using your 'Paid In Circles PIF Team Build'

4. Start receiving residual income each and every week.  

You Have 'Nothing To Lose' and 'Everything to Gain'
Where Do You Want To Be In 30 Days, 60 Days Or More

It's Time To Start Succeeding With A Proven System

I hate to see anyone pass on this offer. In 30 days from now you will know that this will work for you and everyone you share it with.....what have you got to lose?  You get in Paid In Circles for 'FREE'.  You can have your Paid In Circles PIF system for 'FREE' today and 'the rest as they say history.'

**One final note to help with your confidence.  You will never have to talk with any of your prospects.  All you have to do is spend an hour or two sending people to your Paid In Circles PIF system with our simple marketing strategy... How easy is that?  

So what are you waiting for?

>> Join Paid In Circles NOW - Click Here <<

Now Onto The Exciting Part

With your 'Paid In Circles Team Build' system you will receive a Free 30 Day Marketing Plan and a copy of this report embedded with your personal Paid In Circles link.

Get Your 'Paid In CirclesTeam Build' System:

*Once you have joined Paid In Circles send the information below to your sponsor with your:

Paid In Circles Affiliate Link

Paid In Circles transaction receipt id #

Sponsors email address

Email address if different from the one you signed up with for Paid In Circles

Phone number in case of an emergency

You will be sent simple instructions for getting your very own 'Paid In Circles Team Build' system set up for you immediately.

It's important that you read the report and watched the videos -
the only way to fail is NOT take action

Unlike other 'work at home' sites I'll given you something that really uses 'common sense'. I don't have any eBooks, courses or 'membership sites' to sell you.

The truth is, the only reason I'm showing you this is because I know that if you don't trust me you probably won't take advantage of what I'm offering you - and then we both lose. I really can help you make money online.

And and I'm not going to ask you for a dime. What I will do is ...

Explain why I help total strangers free

Tell you in very clear terms exactly what I'm offering you, with no hype

Reveal the website that helps you start making money right away

... and help you get started FREE of charge.  I will not waste your time.

The truth is, I want to make even more money and I NEED your help to do it.

Here's the deal ...

I absolutely love the freedom to set my own hours, and do what I want when I want.  Trust me when I say that life really doesn't get any better than this.

My online business will not grow any bigger by myself, and I do not want to go back into management so I have to simply grow my income by helping others build one too.

This is really good news for the people that find my site. It means I can really grow my income when I help then grow one too.

I have a lot of free time, and I love the challenge and the 'game' of figuring out ways to make more and more money online. The norm is to find a legitimate business build a downline and let it run wild after the mid-level managers are successful.

Lately I came up with a new game plan to take my online business to the next level. And in a nutshell, I'm now offering to help people make even more money, and, really make it as simple as possible.

It really is as simple as teaching everyone a simple principle that is Biblical, 'The Law of Reciprocity'.  And the cool thing for both of us is that to make this all work... the additional money I'll make WILL NOT be coming out of YOUR pocket.

On top of that, the more money YOU make, the more money I'll make - so I have a vested interest in helping you as much as I can and making sure that you're super successful.


What I'm offering is a realistic business plan that can help you make an extra residual month, right now, and much more depending on what you are willing to do.

Once you get a little taste of making money online you'll want to take things to the next level, and maybe even work from home full-time.

If you do I'll share with you the custom tools used to make 5 - and even 6 - figures a MONTH from just about any legitimate online business.

Here's how it's going to work...

STEP 1 Reserve your spot below to secure your Paid In Circles membership. Just enter your name, primary email address, and select a password.

STEP 2 I'll reveal the website I showed my friend. Out of the hundreds of 'work at home' opportunities I've seen, I hand-picked this one as being the best for the average person to start making money fast. You'll get a work at home from this site.

STEP 3 Review the material and simply follow the step-by-step system to start making money. You'll be assigned a personal business coach, and my team and I will be here to help you every step of the way. We'll literally hold your hand if necessary.

STEP 4 Once you're making $500 to $1,000 a month, you can decide if you want to take the next step. If you do, you'll have the chance to join my inner circle where I'll personally help you grow your business - and we'll both make even more money.

Success is your only Option with our FREE Marketing Plan And Support

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