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Marketing Basics

As with many things in life, success comes from mastering the basics. Let’s look at some of the email marketing basics you will need and can benefit from.

One of the big challenges with online marketing is how easy it is to get distracted. There are all sorts of shiny new objects popping up and being presented as a way to experience quick success.

After doing email marketing since the year 2000, one thing has remained very clear to me: Sticking with email marketing basics will pay off short term and long term. So, let’s get started on my list of

Email Marketing Basics

The Ability To Build Your List

The profit really is in the list. When you build a list of people that are asking for and expecting your information, you are separating yourself from the competition. We can show you a LOT of data proving that email marketing really does work. It is easy to see that the business that uses email marketing has a definite advantage over the business that does not.

So, if you are not yet started with building your list, the time is now. This will involve things like adding signup forms to your web site or blog. When your web site has a strong lead magnet, visitors can fill out the form to learn more. When they do, they are added to your list for follow up.

The ability to build your lists, access your lists, and send relevant targeted offers to your list is a critical part of email marketing basics. Without the list, you can’t even get started.

The Ability to Schedule Your Messages

The most common use for email marketing autoresponders is sending automated followup messages to keep prospects informed, help them solve a problem, and boost sales. This is done by creating a series of automated followup messages that will be delivered on a schedule you determine.

This could also include ongoing newsletters, updates, and tips.

The option to broadcast a special offer, time-sensitive update, close-out sale, etc… are also very important to your success with email marketing.

Planning on a seasonal sale or event? Set up your message and schedule the date and time you want it sent well in advance.

email marketing basics

The Ability to Track Results

Once you start building your list and sending out your messages, the ability to track results helps you narrow down your marketing for very focused campaigns and results. When you know someone is opening your messages but not clicking any links, you can tag and target them for specific followup. When you know someone isn’t even opening your messages, you may need to work on the subject line to get more engagement.

The Ability to Segment Your Lists

Collecting more details beyond just name and address gives you more segmenting options. Imagine being able to send specific messages to groups of subscribers based on their age group, gender, preferences, areas of interest, and more. This type of laser focused marketing can have a huge impact on your results.

The Ability to Integrate Social Media

Email marketing still out performs social media in a side by side comparison. Rather than taking an either/or approach, do both. Make sure to include links to your social media accounts in your emails. This is a great way to make more content available and reach your market through multiple channels.

AutoResponder Features

Powerful Features make it easy for you to build, manage, and profit from your own email marketing lists.

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In today’s business environment, email marketing is no longer an option. Learning and mastering these email marketing basics will go a long way toward helping you build your business.